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Refrigerated counters HIPPO are great for fresh food and drinks, including conservation must be particularly specific.

Refrigerated counters HIPPO are designed with great care to provide customers with flawless products in terms of professional cooling, they are among the most demanded in the market due to their specific characteristics for maintaining all fresh produce and store of clear and orderly.

Refrigerated counters HIPPO are built food 18/10 AISI 304, with a work plan doubled waterproof laminate panel with a blindfold before radiated 50mm and mounted on adjustable height legs or stainless steel base.

Reserves refrigerated counters HIPPO are two removable levels on racks, they themselves removable (easy disassembly without tools).

The doors are reversible counters with recall are equipped with magnetic seals.

Refrigeration is provided by a refrigeration unit Tropicalised with ventilated evaporator built attached to the upper part of the reserve, free screenings, controlled by an electronic thermostat with digital display. Defrosting is automatic.

Insulating the floor, ceiling, back, sides and doors is made of polyurethane 50 mm at a density of 40 kg / m 3.

Their counter height refrigerated HIPPO is standardized to 850 mm, and their length is adjusted according to the need of the user.

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